Saturday, 31 March 2012

Guitar Strobe Tuner

This circuit is used to tune a guitar using two strobing LEDs. The circuit is used like a pick and then held next to the string so the LEDs shine on the string. If the guitar is out of tune the two spots illuminated by the LEDs will move relative to each other. Adjust the tuning of the string until there is no movement. Pressing the button switches between strings (as indicated by the small LEDs). After cycling through all of the strings the device goes to sleep.

  • In order to program the ATTINY25 microcontroller, a temporary connection must be soldered to the programming pins.
  • The battery is charged using another temporary connection.
  • The end of the "pick" should be sanded down to remove any solder mask/copper and to smooth the edges.
  • The via under the battery should be covered with a small piece of tape to ensure that there is no unintentional shorts.
  • Shrink tubing should be placed on the strobe LEDs to direct the light to the guitar strings.